SDT Spring Conference 2023

Read an account of the SDT Spring Conference held in Penrith Cumbria on 29-30th March 2023 with a title of 'Heat Processing and Energy Efficiency in Dairy Product Manufacture'. The following appers were presented:

Paper 1: Heat stability of milk-based products (Dr Mike Lewis, University of Reading)

Paper 2: Standard microbiological approach to calculating z values, and consequences of approximations (Tomas Skoglund, Independent Researcher)

Paper 3: Optimising CIP to reduce energy costs (Nial Mullane, Northstar Training & Advisory)

Paper 4: Achieve production excellence with physical science-based spray dryer digital twins? (Sam Wilkinson, Siemens)

Paper 5: Heat exchanger efficiency and considerations to plant to reduce energy costs (Jimmy Moons, Tetra Pak)

Paper 6: Innovative energy solutions for the Dairy manufacturer to reduce carbon emissions. (Tom Marren, Astatine)