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Society of Dairy Technology


On this page you will find the latest news from the Society.  Members wishing to add news can email

Brian Peacock Award for the Dairy Technologist of the Year

The award is made in recognition of the work of Brian Peacock who was an active and respected leader of the dairy industry for many years and a member of the Society for over 50 years. Brian was a member of Council and had a real passion and drive to see both the Society and industry succeed, despite some trying times. It is presented annually to the member who, in the opinion of the awarding committee, has performed outstanding work as a dairy technologist during the previous 12 months. This could be in the form of project work, problem-solving, dedication to the industry or similar.

  1. Nominations for the award should be in the form of a proposal of 200 - 300 words, outlining the work carried out and should be made by a colleague or manager.
  2. The nomination should be emailed to by June30th.
  3. A committee of Council members will consider all applications and select a winner.
  4. The award will be presented at the annual dinner in July (or other suitable occasion).
  5. The award is a perpetual shield trophy, which shall be engraved with the year and recipient’s name.
  6. Click HERE for the nomination form.

President's Ramblings

One of the areas of our Newsletter is the newly created "President's Ramblings". These are intended to be thought provoking articles written by our President, Soeren Vonsild. These are reproduced here for people to read (and are also available on Social Media).

Spring 2017

"Sticks in a bundle can’t be broken but sticks taken singly can be easily broken"

Just imagine if we could work together and share best practise across the UK dairy industry; we could all learn from each other and get better at what we do. We would all be in a better place with improved and more competitive products and together prove the UK to be the manufacturer of world leading dairy products that are enjoyed around the globe. However, this is not happening. We are all beavering away in isolation, trying to beat our neighbour while keeping our cards close to the chest, suspicious that they may run off with the prize.

To start benchmarking and learning from each other we must first build relationships. The core of daring to share is a mutual trust that only can come when know each other better and when we understand that we are all in the same boat.

Networking events are at the core of what we do in the SDT. We have symposia, study tours, local networking events and of course our big annual dinner event. All of these are great opportunities to meet up with dairy professionals from other companies, get to know each other better and build the trust that will be critical for your success, as well as the long term sustainability of the UK dairy industry.

February 2017

I was looking at statistics and noticed that the UK is nearly in balance between imports and exports of dairy products – in volume terms. When I looked at the value, then the UK spent over £2bn on imported dairy goods in 2015, while generating just over £1bn in revenue from dairy exports. What we are selling to the world is low grade commodity and what we import is sophisticated and expensive.
The farming conditions in the UK are as good as any country for making the best quality raw milk at competitive cost, so why do we not make superior products in the UK to sell to the rest of the world? The answer is simple: To innovate, develop and manufacture sophisticated dairy products we need people with passion for dairy and with dairy specific expertise. There are plenty of colourful marketing people and dynamic manufacturing people, but we have a severe shortage of people who really understand dairy and the exciting possibilities that lies in the tasty, nutritious and highly complex raw material – milk.
The Society of Dairy Technology has the aim of increasing professionalism in the dairy industry. With seminars, symposiums, literature, networking events and a focus on CPD we drive the skills agenda and we do our part to professionalise the UK dairy Industry. By being a member you can be part of our journey to change the tides and turn the UK into a great exporter of exciting high value dairy products. If you know of any colleagues or contacts who would benefit from being members of the Society, please encourage them to join. 

Dairy Technology Student of the Year Competition: This year's award is now open for entry.Click here for more detail. Register by March 31st 

Members can now access the latest edition of the Handbook of Dairy Technology. This is available to members in the members section of the website and now includes new sections.

Members can read our articles that appear in the Dairy Industries International by going to the members section. There is usually a report on the contents of the latest issue of the International Journal of Dairy Technology, so it is a good way of finding out what is in the journal.

IJDT: Did you know that you can set up automatic alerts for new topics published in the Journal. Just click on the link to the Journal on this page and once in, click on the Journal Tools on the menu on the left hand side. Click on "Get new Content Alerts". Simple eh?

New!  We have added a "job finder" tab to our resources page.  Companies can advertise vacancies here for a minimal charge by emailing execdirector as above.

New! Training courses can be advertised on a new section of our learning page. Details of training courses and e-learning provided by Holchem can be found on this page. Contact execdirector for further information  on how to advertise your courses here.