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Spring Conference 2022 - Future in Focus: Shaping the Dairy Industry for Tomorrow

Spring Conference 2022 - Future in Focus: Shaping the Dairy Industry for Tomorrow

06/04/22 - 07/04/22


SDT Autumn Webinar

SDT Autumn Webinar

17/11/22 - 24/11/22

These free to attend webinars, will take place online between 11:00- 12:00hrs on both 17th November and 24th November and will feature presentat...

Summer Symposium and Annual Dinner 2023

Summer Symposium and Annual Dinner 2023


This exciting event for both SDT members and non members will take place in 2023 in the Members Pavilion, Staffordshire County Showground Bingley...

Nordic Dairy Congress 2025

Nordic Dairy Congress 2025

18/05/25 - 20/05/25

The next Nordic Dairy Congress will now take place in 2025 in Iceland. Click the links below to find out more about this event and to book your p...

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Brian Peacock Award for the Dairy Technologist of the Year

The award is made in recognition of the work of Brian Peacock who was an active and respected leader of the dairy industry for many years and a member of the Society for over 50 years.

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CIP Courses University College Cork

University College Cork are running two Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) online courses for people working in the food and drink industry. The courses will cater for two different levels of experience and will provide a hard copy of a manual and certification.

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Presentations from Spring Conference 2022

On 7th April 2022 we held our Spring Conference in Loughry Campus, CAFRE with a theme of 'Shaping the Dairy Industry for Tomorrow'. Copies of the presentations will be available to non-members for a limited time by clicking the links below. 

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Camden BRI Project: Moving from 'Use by' to Best before' dates: Can we trust the sniff test?

Campden BRI logo

If you supply milk for retail consumption you may be interested in participating in an exciting and important new project initiated by Campden BRI. You will be aware that recently some producers have moved from displaying 'Use by' to 'Best before' dates on their fresh pasteurised milks and milk products. This move relies on the consumer assessing the quality of milk by judging the appearance, smell and taste of the products. Campden BRI is looking for participants for a group- funded project to provide a risk assessment and pooled historical data for companies that wish to move from 'Use by' to 'Best before' on pasteurised fresh milk. The project aims to provide participants with a resource that can be drawn on to support their own risk assessments and enable 'a robust assessment of microbiological risk' in UK FSA terms. It is thought that this collaborative approach has the potential to accelerate the process for any member of the consortium and hopefully reduce waste. To participate in the project or for further information please contact : .

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