NEOGEN: Rapid Antibiotic Testing Solutions from your Trusted Partner

Disease prevention and control is part of daily life on a dairy farm and despite best practices, bacterial and viral infections can still persist. Conditions that affect the health of cattle can be treated with antibiotics which then pass through in to the cows’ milk. Antibiotics present in milk can potentially impact the yield and quality of fermented milk-based products such as cheese and yoghurt. Additionally, they could be dangerous for human health. For these reasons it is important to test milk throughout the supply chain to ensure that it complies with the Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) set by regulators for different classes of antibiotics.

BetaStar® is a range of rapid, easy-to-use and internationally-approved tests that can be run anywhere, from the farm or milk tanker to dairy processors, in just five to ten minutes. BetaStar offers rapid detection of different classes of antibiotics in raw commingled, UHT, sterilized, frozen- thawed, reconstituted bovine milk, goat’s milk, ewe’s milk, and mare’s milk at or below established Maximum Residue Levels. All BetaStar test kits are read using NEOGEN’s automated analysis Raptor® platforms, while BetaStar S and BetaStar S Combo tests can also be visually interpreted.

NEOGEN has combined the simplicity of our BetaStar test kits with the automation of our Raptor analysis platforms to offer a unique rapid solution for dairy antibiotic testing. Our Raptor integrated analysis platforms are lateral flow test strip readers with built-in incubation for automated testing that delivers qualitative results. Unlike traditional testing methods that require multiple hands-on steps, the Raptor platforms improve the efficiency of your testing protocol by minimising user error and increasing productivity. Lot IDs are automatically scanned and the system provides control over test parameters including time and temperature, allowing users to simply add the prepared sample and walk away. With incubation times between 5 and 10 minutes depending on the test used, you can work quickly and efficiently.


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