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Dairy Expo Harrogate 3-5th October 2023

The Dairy expo in Harrogate on 4-5th October 2023 is the exciting new event in the calendar for the dairy processing industry. This new event targets the ENTIRE dairy processing and manufacturing industry and provides a powerful platform for meeting new customers and strengthening relationships with current clients. Attendees will experience the latest in dairy innovations and equipment brought to them by the exhibitors.

What to expect:

  • An exciting programme of presentations from all sectors of dairy processing
  • Free-to-attend sessions on the exhibition floor
  • Organised by the leading industry journal Dairy Industries International, responding to demand for an event specifically targeting the industry
  • From pasteurisers, tanks and silos to cheese cultures, fruit flavourings and emulsifiers, through to packaging, quality control, testing, metal detectors, logistics – the entire dairy processing chain will be represented.

Information for exhibitors can be found here.

To attend the event as a visitor please click this link to register.


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Data Data 2021 & 2022

Kindly supplied by AHDB dairy product data for the UK can be accessed here.


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SDT Summer Symposium 2023

Cheese Themed Summer Symposium 2023

Presentation links:

Speaker 1: Waste water treatment costs within the dairy industry and how to ensure optimisation throughout the process including new technology  (Peter Harpley, Diversey)

Speaker 2: The Role of Cultures and Enzymes in Cheese  (Margaret O'Connell, Chr. Hansen)

Speaker 3:  Digitalisation does not have to cost the earth!! (Wayne Johnson, Faedah Solutions)

Speaker 4:  Improving Cheese Quality and Efficiencies (Open Curd Tables and Curd Distribution Vessels) (Joe Matthews, Sycamore Engineering)


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Regional Meeting at Campden BRI

A regional meeting will be held at Campden BRI for members in the South West/South/Midlands and non members too. Bring along a friend!


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Spring 2023 Conference Penrith: Heat Processing and Energy Efficiency in Dairy Product Manufacture

Our Spring Conference was held in Penrith on 29/30th March 2023. The proceedings commenced with a visit to Appleby Creamery for a small number of delegates (due to the size of the site) where the companies processing facilities were viewed coupled with new plant for halloumi and ricotta, acquired in part,  through SRUC funding. The SRUC also provided an insight to the scope of their project and the various funding streams and support available for the dairy supply chain.

The Conference with a theme of 'Heat Processing and Energy Eficiency in Dairy Product Manufacture' consisted of 6 papers, copies of which can be found below:

Paper 1: Heat stability of milk-based products (Dr Mike Lewis, University of Reading)

Paper 2: Standard microbiological approach to calculating z values, and consequences of approximations (Tomas Skoglund, Independent Researcher)

Paper 3: Optimising CIP to reduce energy costs (Nial Mullane, Northstar Training & Advisory)

Paper 4: Achieve production excellence with physical science-based spray dryer digital twins? (Sam Wilkinson, Siemens)

Paper 5: Heat exchanger efficiency and considerations to plant to reduce energy costs (Jimmy Moons, Tetra Pak)

Paper 6: Innovative energy solutions for the Dairy manufacturer to reduce carbon emissions. (Tom Marren, Astatine)



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New SDT Company Membership

For more information on this new initiative for 2023 follow this link  


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Presentations from our Summer Symposium 2022

The presentations from our Summer Symposium can be obtained by clicking the links below.



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CIP Courses University College Cork

University College Cork are running two Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) online courses for people working in the food and drink industry. The courses will cater for two different levels of experience and will provide a hard copy of a manual and certification.


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Presentations from Spring Conference 2022

On 7th April 2022 we held our Spring Conference in Loughry Campus, CAFRE with a theme of 'Shaping the Dairy Industry for Tomorrow'. Copies of the presentations will be available to non-members for a limited time by clicking the links below. 


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Camden BRI Project: Moving from 'Use by' to Best before' dates: Can we trust the sniff test?

Campden BRI logo

If you supply milk for retail consumption you may be interested in participating in an exciting and important new project initiated by Campden BRI. You will be aware that recently some producers have moved from displaying 'Use by' to 'Best before' dates on their fresh pasteurised milks and milk products. This move relies on the consumer assessing the quality of milk by judging the appearance, smell and taste of the products. Campden BRI is looking for participants for a group- funded project to provide a risk assessment and pooled historical data for companies that wish to move from 'Use by' to 'Best before' on pasteurised fresh milk. The project aims to provide participants with a resource that can be drawn on to support their own risk assessments and enable 'a robust assessment of microbiological risk' in UK FSA terms. It is thought that this collaborative approach has the potential to accelerate the process for any member of the consortium and hopefully reduce waste. To participate in the project or for further information please contact : .


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NEOGEN: Rapid Antibiotic Testing Solutions from your Trusted Partner

NEOGEN, partner their customers to protect and enhance the world's level of food and animal safety. By offering a diverse suite of solutions for the food, beverage, animal protein and agriculture industries, NEOGEN empowers their customers to safeguard their brands and create better products.

Read below how they support the dairy industry with their Rapid Antibiotic Testing solutions.


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Autumn Symposium & Annual Dinner 2021

For a 2 page flier providing all you need to know about our Autumn Symposium and Annual Dinner 2021, please click this link.


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Extraordinary General Meeting and Annual General Meeting

An Extrordinarary General Meeting and Annual General Meeting will be held on 20th October at 3.00pm and 3.05pm respectively in the Boden Suite of the Members Pavilion at Staffordshire County Showground during the Autumn Symposium. The agenda follows.


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Smart CIP System Webinar (Rauschert)

Following on from their online presentation last December on their SmartCIP system, Rauschert would like to invite you to attend their follow up presentation covering further results on continuing process improvements, cost savings and reduced environmental impact. Their webinar will take place on 8th September at 3pm (BST), for more information please see below.


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Press Release: Ytron-Quadro (UK) Ltd

Ytron-Quadro (UK) Ltd have recently supplied 3 very large YTRON-Y directed jet mixers to Yeo Valley Farms Production.


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An exciting new development for the Society - a range of e-learning modules to support employees in the dairy industry and those from companies that supply the industry, in the understanding and application of dairy technology.


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SDT Endorsement of Training

Over last few years the Society has been approached by many training companies requesting to use the respected SDT logo on training material aimed at the dairy industry. We have recently been working with a training company to arrive at a credible model that will provide the training company of SDT-endorsed programmes numerous benefits whilst ensuring that the outcomes and objectives of a training course etc are relevant to the industry. Feedback has shown that the use of our logo resulted in a greater uptake of learners for the training company we worked with.

Applications are welcomed from the providers of short training courses (generally from half to several full days in duration); seminars with multiple speakers; and workshops, amongst others.

To apply for endorsement of your course(s) please download the guidance and application forms, including costings here.


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Advertising on SDT platforms

Suppliers to the dairy manufacturing industry can advertise their products, services, events and job vacanicies in SDT newsletters for a small fee....see below for more information


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E Learning Modules DII

Dairy Industries International Article about SDT E Learning Modules and SoftTrace feedback : link


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NI Newsletter Jan 22

Chr Hansen:

Invest NI:



SDT NIR article:



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Members can now access the latest edition of the Handbook of Dairy Technology.

This is available to members in the members section of the website and now includes new sections.


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Dairy Market Jan 21

A review of the Global Dairy Market by StoneX


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David Gleeson and Bernadette O’Brien



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Dr Kirsty Pourshahidi is a Research and Teaching Fellow within the Nutrition Innovation Centre for Food and Health (NICHE) at Ulster University, where she specialises in vitamin D, agri-food nutrition and consumer innovation. Her research spans all areas from farm-to-fork, and here she provides an overview of the importance of vitamin D and shares some of her recent dairy research.

Email: ® Twitter: @DrKirstyP



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WANTED:  A Rapid, Sensitive and Accurate Diagnostic Test to Aid Control of Johne’s Disease in Dairy Herds

WANTED:  A Rapid, Sensitive and Accurate Diagnostic Test to Aid Control of Johne’s Disease in Dairy Herds

Irene R. Grant, Institute for Global Food Security and School of Biological Sciences, Queen’s University Belfast.



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SDT Member Profile Name – Chloe Farrell

SDT Member Profile

Name – Chloe Farrell
Current Employment - Ballylisk of Armagh
Job Title – Operations Manager
Education – BSc (Hons) Degree Food Technology – CAFRE, Loughry Campus




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Technical overview on antimicrobial residue and antimicrobial resistance testing, surveillance and control in the dairy sector

Liberty Sibanda

Randox Food Diagnostics Ltd, UK


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